Belief Bowl 2016: The Growth Mindset

There is an upcoming broadcast of the program you produced in partnership with the MN Productions & Partnerships Team at TPT.

Belief Bowl 2016: The Growth Mindset

This program will be carried on the tpt LIFE channel, which features great content covering how-to and lifestyle programs, plus dramas, history specials, independent documentaries, and other repeat programs from the tpt 2 prime-time schedule. To increase metro-wide viewership, a block of time dedicated to tpt MN programs is featured each Sunday on tpt LIFE.  Your program is scheduled to play on the tpt LIFE channel on:

Sunday, November 6, 2016 at 12:00 PM

This channel is carried over-the-air in the metro area on digital channel 2-3.  To receive this form of broadcast, viewers need a digital TV or a digital conversion box.  It will also be available to all cable households and DirecTV satellite subscribers in the metro area.

In addition to broadcast on tpt LIFE, your program will have repeats scheduled for tpt MN.  Watch for further updates by email. You can also quickly access information to viewing your program online, as well as learn where to watch by visiting your program’s unique program page at

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