MN Baptist Convention Hosts National Baptist Convention Annual Session

Our theme, Envisioning the future exceptionally through God’s call for Social Justice “Injustice of Any Kind Disturbs Us”, speaks to our call to affect change spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.  The Black Church served as a voice in the wilderness, crying out that equality and justice belonged to all persons, despite race, social status, or lived experience. The Bible teaches that God is a God of Justice.  the Bible makes social justice a mandate of faith and a fundamental expression of Christian discipleship.

Anticipation abounds as we await the arrival of the 138th Annual Session of the National Baptist Convention, USA, September 3-7, 2018 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  We are expecting over 20,000 delegates.  If you are interested in acquiring a booth in the Exhibit Hall contact Anna Hyde Babington-Johnson at 612-600-1068.

You can also participate by placing an ad in the 2018 Souvenir Journal.  For ad prices, you can contact Sylvia Amos at 612-940-7797.  If you are interested in earning some money by being a Courtesy Driver please contact Greater Mt. Vernon Baptist Church at 612-522-6052.

In addition, the Convention will be providing delegates with a local services information booklet of Black or Minority owned businesses, i.e. barber shops, hair/beauty salons, restaurants.  If you would like to be included contact Sylvia Amos.

There are plenty of opportunities to support and benefit from 20,000+ delegates visiting our city!



We ♡ Community

We concluded that restoration of a spirit of community requires intentional approaches to encourage people to act as if they believe they belong together.


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