No Menthol Sunday

No Menthol Sunday, is May 27, 2018. It is a national intiative to raise awareness of the addictiveness of menthol.  Churches of all denominations around the country participate.  This year’s theme, “Find Your Path to Freedom”, is about finding the quit method that works best for you, and encourage you to be patient with the process of finding what works.  The goal is to quit for good and remain free!

Tobacco is still the #1 killer of African Americans.  May 27 is a day where Pastors, Elders or Bishops can encourage their congregations to support one another in becoming free of tobacco addiction.

African Americans want to be free of smoking and tobacco use.  In fact, African Americans report a desire to quit smoking more frequently than others.  Not all quit programs work for everyone.  But with diligence and support, tobacco users can find the path to freedom that works for them.

Churches that participate will receive a small stipend for their participation.  If you would like your church to be a part of this initiative, please contact Sylvia Amos at 612-521-3110.

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