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Connecting to Affordable Health Care

African Americans are less than 5% of the population of the State of Minnesota but we represent 17% of the uninsured. Lack of proper insurance coverage results in…


MNsure means health insurance for more Minnesotans!  Now more individuals and families in Minnesota can get low-cost or free health insurance, even if they already have a health condition.

MNsure offers multiple health plans from insurance companies all in one easy-to-shop location.  Consumers will be able to compare plans side-by-side to see how price coverage, and features differ.

mnsure-partner-logoMNsure is also the only place Minnesotans can go and see if they qualify for federal tax credits to help pay health insurance premiums.  A single individual earning less than $45,000/year, or a family of four earning less than $94,000/year, will likely qualify for a tax credit.

We are helping spread the word about MNsure, as well as assisting people in our community to enroll in MNsure.

Feel free to see how you can benefit by visiting MNsure.org or by stopping in at any of our Mass Community Enrollment Events, listed on the right, for more information and/or enrollment assistance or by contacting: TaMica’ Tody, MNsure Project Coordinator & Navigator – Stairstep Foundation @ (952) 452-1322 or (612) 521-3110 to set up your appointment today.

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