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The Foundation facilitated a broad discussion in the community that resulted in the articulation of African-American values that have historical basis and contemporary merit:

trending_up Accountability
Decisions and actions are weighed for the impact they will have on family and community. Honesty and loyalty are expected when one is accountable.
trending_up Community
Commitment to love, nurture, share and be accountable to those with similar values; a feeling of shared risk and sense of common destiny.
trending_up Creativity
Ability to be resourceful and iventive using available talents and resources to survive and move forward.
trending_up Education
Commitment to information and understanding so African-Americans can survive, improve and contribute to the world.
trending_up Excellence
Dedication to doing and being our best in every task and situation.
trending_up Faith/Possibility
Importance of belief beyond seeing that allows confidence in God, belief in ourselves and faith in parents, elders and leaders. Faith encourages persistence and rejects boundaries or limitations.
trending_up History
Determination that past experiences, contributions, trials and victories of our people shall not be lost.
trending_up Humor
Willingness to laugh at ourselves and find the comical in circumstances that would crush lesser spirits.
trending_up Respect
Acknowledging the dignity of our families and the ides, persons, titles and institutions that are important to our community; treating others as one would like to be treated.
We ♡ Community

We concluded that restoration of a spirit of community requires intentional approaches to encourage people to act as if they believe they belong together.


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